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You know the drill, discuss and rave about all your favourite Marvel Universe related topics here! :kissing_heart:
Warning: Only Marvel related topics to be discussed. Remember it, 'mkay? :wink:

Truth or Dare game

I love Marvel. How can you not?! My favourite character is Black Panther, obvs! :joy: Then I like Spider Man because he’s so funny!! I’m going to stop talking before I spoil Infity War… :joy:


I heard Spider-Man isn’t feeling so good right now.


Too soon :laughing:


Iron Man (Tony): Steady, Quill.
Star-Lord(Peter): Oh, man…


I’m so ready for Captain Marvel. My only question is where has she been with all the crap that’s been happening in the Marvel Universe. They say she pretty powerful.


It’ll always be too soon :rofl:


@Brooke_Johnson Way too soon… :cry::sob:


I love love love Captain Marvel! OMG! FKUHNIRDBKDDHLUFX! :heart_eyes:


Very true. :cry:




Is there anyone here who HASN’T watched Infinity War yet? I don’t wanna spoil anything :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


You should watch Youtube, then talk about spoilers:smiling_imp:


I love Marvel I have read some of the comics aswell




I’m so hyped! And they want us to wait a whole year for her movie?! Bruh. But at least we have Ant-Man and the Wasp & Venom to hold us over till then.


Very true, but that’s so long!!


Damn…Venom without Spidey? ahem ahem Dorky thing to do ahem ahem


We’re allowed to discuss Infinity War, here, correct? I would figure so, as I think everyone who wants to see the movie, already has.