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Ikr? But I’m sure it’ll still be good without him. It’s one Marvel’s strengths after all.

I can’t believe Marvel is actually opting to get bankrupt by throwing away Spidey! :sob:

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Don’t worry! They’re definitely not throwing him away. (That is something I will not accept!) He’s just taking a 'lil break right now. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

By providing humus and other mineral stuff to alien-ish vegetation? :laughing:

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WHAT?! Where’s he going?! I don’t check his news but WHAT?!

I dunno, I’m just so much in shock and everyone is saying things of him getting out…I’m just so bummed.

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If you think about it, all of the original Avengers are still alive and well, while most of the newer characters added to the MCU, were “killed off”. I find this weird, because, all these new actors and actresses’ contracts just recently began. So, I don’t think that any of those deaths with be permanent. I think it’s probably possible that some of/all of the original Avengers (Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Hulk, etc) will sadly, sacrifice themselves for those that died in the film (Spiderman, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, etc). Because, I find it quite common that actors leave after having been in a particular movie series for too long, after their contract ends.

I also find it very likely that Doctor Strange may have a plan. As, before he “died”, he said something about how this was meant to be. And – also, couldn’t he have predicted that Starlord was going to ruin the plan? If this was going to be an issue, he wouldn’t have let it happen.

Another possibility is that Gamora, may have also had a plan. I saw a lot of other people (not on here) talking about a logical error in Infinity War, and how it was dumb of the Guardians to go where Thanos was at the time. So, maybe it was intentional? Maybe Gamora never really died?

Geez, this movie is messing me up :sweat_smile:

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The Time Infinity Stone’s also there. Maybe something big’s gonna happen #SecondChances


I think the new ones will come back. I know they will because Spider Man has another movie coming I think lol. And Black Panther just came, and he’s my favourite so they can’t get rid of him.

  • Did Rocket disappear? Because I didn’t see him disappear…?

I agree with you. I think Doctor Strange had a plan when he gave up the time stone because he swore to protect it and he said it was the only way to win. So, I think he’s done something to the time stone.

Messing me up too!! :sweat_smile:

Oh my gosh! This made me laugh but I see where you’re coming from. :joy::joy:

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Yeah, not with Bruce Banner… that’s truly weird :joy:

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Just leaving this here, because it’s so relevant —


:heart::heart::heart: x1000

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LOL :joy: #SavageToTheHilt

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No one’s talking about Vision in here. He’s dead, the least we all could do is at least mourn for him! :sob: And screw Thanos for the next infinite timeline of years! :angry:


And I can’t believe no one’s talking about Bucky Ducky :laughing: (Oh, wait. I’m not supposed to laugh. This is serious :triumph:) And Falcon too! Like, those dudes kinda helped in bringing B.Panther to the storyline, dawwgs! Bucky especially did. And don’t forget about War Machine too…


I watched it the Saturday after it came out (so two days after it came out in the UK) so I wouldn’t get spoilers and because I couldn’t wait :joy::sweat_smile:

My fave character is and always will be iron man :blush: he’s so friggin cool


Girl-Who-Now-Got-Changed-Into-A-Boy, please change your PFP back! I’m getting confused between you and…your doppelganger? This is so confushy!! :fearful:

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Doppelwhat? It’s a dare lol :joy: