Marvel’s Avengers RP sign-ups



Hewwoooooo!! Welcome to the Marvel Roleplay Sign-Ups!!


It’s the year 2034. The Avengers have disbanded, and all superheroes have gone into retirement. Except when each and every villain comes back somehow, all the heroes have to unite and fight against the forces of evil, even if the die trying to save the world.

Original 6 Avengers
Captain America- @livvy613
Iron Man- @Owertym
Hulk- @Elijah
Thor- @Miss_Moonlight
Black Widow- @Firely_epi
Hawkeye- @CrazygirldY_dY_dY

The Maximoff Twins
Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver-
Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch- @livvy613

Guardians of the Galaxy
Peter Quill/ Star Lord- @Miss_Moonlight
Gamora- @zoe4564
Groot- @SilverStar
Mantis- @livvy613

New Avengers
Peter Parker/Spider-Man- @AS007
T’challa/Black Panther-
Scott Lang/Ant-Man-
Doctor Strange- @Owertym
Sam Wilson/Falcon-
Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier/White Wolf- @UltimaW

Other ( Heroes )
Shuri- @Chesirekitten101
Loki- @SilverStar
Agent 13-
Hope Pym/ The Wasp- @kai.lines
Wolverine- @CrazygirldY_dY_dY

Other ( Non-Heroes )
Aunt May-
Pepper Potts-
Happy Hogan-

The Villains ( Non-Original )
Thanos- @ThatRandomPerson
Proxima Midnight- @ThatRadomPerson
Cull Obsidian-
Ebony Maw-
Red Skull-

Villains ( Original. There’s can only be 5. Use format below to create your villain )

  1. @C-Bug

If I forgot anyone, please put them down below and I will add them.

Villain Format



  1. You can have as many characters as you want.

  2. Do not RP for other people.

  3. Do not make the characters more OP than they actually are. Their powers will be from Infinity War unless told otherwise.

PM me any other concerns or questions. I will create the official thread once every character is filled.

People I think will be interested:
@FallenAngelNight13 @L.I.W.F @UltimaW @VenusPeach @Owertym @ThatRandomPerson

Truth or Dare part 2
GAME: RastaBot!

Omg. I love MARVEL!


I reserve Thor!


:sunglasses::smiley: I hope he does turn out to be White Wolf in the movies.

By the way, is this based off of the MCU? If not, can I ask to bring certain avengers in from the comics? (Namely the Young Avengers.) @livvy613


Why not? More the merrier.


Hey can I reserve for Black Widow!
I am not a marvel fan but I love super heroes


I reserve Shuri


Ooh… I love her.


Lol same!


User: C-Bug
Name: C.H.E.R.R.Y. (Creature. Handful. Eco-Systematic. Realistic. Robot. Youthfully Minded.)
Gender: Female. (If malfunction happens, any.)
Powers: Can shapeshift into any human possible. (Plus static and hacking powers.)
Bio: Cherry was originally made to be the first car forming robot back in the 60s, but a earthquake struck and she fell into the gap. Almost 60 years later (about current day), scientists found her again and fixed her up to modern day standards. Her mission now? To find the Avengers.
Personality: Cherry isn’t made to have feelings, but deep down, she has a heart, even if it is artificially made.




@Chocolate_Mama you should be black panther so you can rule Wakanda.


Can I reserve Gamora


Can I reserve Hawkeye please? THANK YOU I LOVE MARVEL

@Miss_Moonlight I’m almost disappointed in you for not tagging me…


Reserve for Peter Parker/Spider-Man please! :yellow_heart:

Patriotic Marvel Fan -salute -


I was going to :sob:… Hawkeye, scarlet witch, and Thor could defeat Thanos. They’re the strongest avengers!


YES. I love Hawkeye, he’s my favorite out of the original Avengers :joy:


Oml, I really like him! Not as much as Thor or Iron Man though… :smirk:


dOeS aNyOnE LiKe BLaCk PaNtHeR? :eyes:


I dO OF cOurSe. T’Challa for LiFE.