Marvel’s Avengers RP sign-ups



Yes, Black Panther is awesome.
@Miss_Moonlight I could tell you liked those two a lot :joy:


i SaLuTe YoU tOo




Wakanda forever


wOw SuCh A mAniAcAL fAcE iS tHaT


mY tOnGuE wAs StOkEd CoPyInG tHeIr WaKaNdiAn AcCeNt


I mean, I was showing my friend Episode once and the talk_sad_clutch animation came on and she was like: WAKANDA FOREVER


:crazy_face: HeRE wE arE fAnGiRlinG aGaiN


ShE hAs SuCh A rAd ImAgInAtiOn

oOf ThAt FaCe iS sO cReEpY LOL


Oh YeAh


@livvy613 Hi There! Such a nice RP you opened OMG I am in love with it! :yellow_heart:

If it would be no trouble, can we also add Hope Pym/The Wasp as Other Hero? I think she deserves some spotlight too. And thanks!

Can we add Yondu too? (I have no opinion on a category cuz I am HELLA confused and excited LOL)


ALwaYS :crazy_face:


Yeah! Plus, weren’t they part of the original Avengers too?


DO NOT READ IF YOU DONT WANT SPOILERS :warning: Ant Man is stuck in the Quantum Realm! :crazy_face:


They were? Oof! I miss so many things LOL…


Maybe you should blur that just in case people haven’t seen it?


wHy YoU sHoW mE tHaT fAcE xD??!!


Hmmm…he helped Captain America during Civil War against the law. So yeah, sorta.


To maKE yOu sAy thaT XDD


Oof, yeah thanks :crazy_face: