Marvel stories **request**

I wouldd loveee to see some MARVEL pr at least marvel inspired stories on episode.
I’m hugee marvel fan and I think Marvel stories would be hard for making but amazing for reading. :stuck_out_tongue:
Do you know any marvel inspired stories?

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I would love a Marvel inspired story (Imagine reading an Episode official Spiderman story where we play as him). It would be cool. :wink:

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I’m writing my first story and I finished the first chapter. It’s not exactly marvel, but it involves spies. It also has romance and mystery so idk if its the best, but I looked to x men for inspiration since it’s like a spy school. I plan on having bad guys and other stuff. She’s kinda like a superhero, but she doesn’t have powers. She’s gonna learn how to fight though lol! It’s also written in classic though so idk if anyone would actually want to read it lmao. However, I really like this topic and I would LOVE to see a Marvel story :heart:
This is my topic about my story:

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It might help more if you make this a feature request instead of a “petition” as many companies frown on petitions. And I know for a fact that Episode reviews the feature requests :wink:


How. Have. I. Not. Come. Across. This. Thread. Before?? :scream:

Me and my friends are making a superheroes/villains story lol

I did try to, and I made characters and stuff for my intro, but I deleted it because I don’t think you’re allowed to 9even though if you credit since I did) because of copyright issue and I don’t want to run into that. Therefore, I deleted the characters.