Maryanne's (A.K.A Koolgal77) Request Shop (Closed)


Hi guys! Maryanne here :wave: If you’d like covers, edit requests, banners, e.c.t then you’ve come to the right thread. Feel free to comment below if you’d like to request :slight_smile::heart:
Here are some examples:







Art Scenes


Please note that it takes time to get these done, as I only release edits that I feel are done properly to me.

Waiting List: (Edited)
@NICOLE94 (Art Scene)
@Kassidy.episode (Cover)
@mami.writes (Art Scene)


Hi🙂. I would like a cover and something you add on someone in the picture if that make sense. I’m ok if you can’t


Hi, I’d love to make you one. Would you like a large cover or small cover?? Or a cover set??


Just a large cover please


I can do that. I just need your details please :smile:



Those two facing each other. If you can add blush to them and crown to the boy that would be amazing. And if you can make it clearer too


I’ll start on it when I can. Also do you have a background in mind??


I want background that is just a solid color (like pink) and saying the title of the story. King and Queen


Okay. One last question though, would you like your name to be on it??


Yes please🙂


So what should I put?? Like By: @jordan_stories or is there another name that you would like me to use?


Jordan_Stories oh well yea


Okay, thank you so much. I’ll start on it when I can :smile:


I love your art! I already followed you on episode. I also am about to release a new story called The Vampire Hunting Life! Finished both my covers 2 weeks ago and had to wait a week for them to approve it😂I’m only 14 turning 15 this September and I can’t wait! Let me be the first to read your story😁


Yep. Epy Harmony :slight_smile:


Hey, thank you so much. I’ve already followed you too. I can’t wait for you to publish your story. When you do can you message me so I can read it?? Oh my gosh, we’re in the same age group. Although I turned 15 on April. I’ll be sure to message you when my story is released :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :heart::heart:


Are you still taking request ?


Yes I am :slight_smile:


My apologies this is my first story .
What info do you need to create ?