Maryanne's (A.K.A Koolgal77) Request Shop (Closed)


No problem I can get this done, also is this a large or small cover? Or both?


Both please!


Okay, thanks :slight_smile:


Hey do you know a time frame for my art scene ? Just wondering so I know if I should put it in my chapter 4 or 5.


When do you need it done??


In about 5-6 days , I want to release a chap each week .


If longer that’s okay because your work is perfect and I know it takes time.


I can get it done by then. I’ll pm you when I’m done :slight_smile:


Awesome thank you .


Can I have a estimate on when the art work will be done .


Preferably this week :slight_smile:


Okay that’s fine,thank you


When do you need it though??


I released a episode today , I want to release every week . Preferably within 2-4 days just so it has time to get accepted .


Okay, I will inform you when I have completed your art scene :slight_smile:


Can I ask how you make your covers? Please DM me if you don’t want to say publicly.


Sure, what would you like to know?


@Koolgal77 How’s it all going?


It’s going great, almost getting there :slight_smile:


Awesome awesome