~Mashia’s Graphics Thread~ [CLOSED TEMPORARILY]


Ahh, it’s fine, I’ll just do it by eye :wink:


Splashes finished for @Bibby1171 :smile:

Extremely sorry for the one month delay! :sweat: I should have warned you that I was really busy.
If you’d like a redo, just tell me what you’d like to change :slight_smile:


Chapter splashes completed for @Epi_Lexi :smiley:

Extremely sorry for the almost one month delay! :confounded: I became really busy with my school work and personal life.
If you’d like a redo, just tell me what you’d like to change :slight_smile:


No no no it’s fine and it looks amazing thank you so much


Ah, I’m glad you like it! Still very sorry for the long wait :sweat_smile:


Thank you!
It’s worth the waiting though. And don’t worry, I totally understand.
Thank you again and I’ll make sure you get credited as well.


Are u open right now?


Ahh, thanks for understanding :upside_down_face: :revolving_hearts:


Yes, I am! :yum:


Finally finished your covers, @Sama_T :smile:

Very very very sorry for the long wait but it’s here! It’s slightly plain but simple is nice sometimes :wink:
If you’d like a redo, just tell me what you’d like to change :slight_smile:


These are awesome! But I’d like to change one thing if possible please, the male characters’ position on the large cover seem to be uneven compared to the female character’s. Is there any way that can be fixed? (I mean having them stand straight)


Sure! I’ll get that fixed as soon as possible :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s your redo, @Sama_T :smile:

I made the characters standing straight :smiley:
Feel free to ask for anymore changes!


Thank you so much!:revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts::kissing_heart:


No problem! Thanks for being so patient :revolving_hearts: :heart_eyes:


Bump! If you request before Sunday, I’ll get your request done faster than usual :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh my gosh you’ve improved your art so much! I love this cover art and all of the watercolors and textures it’s just amazing! Especially the outline-shadow thing behind the MC that makes her stand out… I can’t believe I haven’t checked your thread since I came back.


Aww, thank you sOoOoo much :sob: :blush: :revolving_hearts: I checked out your art thread too and your art is still so amazing herujdcna
You can be sure I’ll be stalking your art again hehe, ahh it’s so good to see you back :heart:


A;lksdjfk;lsjdfl;a thank you sooo much :heart: you are so kind!!! It’s great to see you again too! (And I will of course be watching your thread too!)


gAH! :heart: :revolving_hearts: :sparkling_heart: