~Mashia’s Graphics Thread~ [CLOSED]


Sure that’s cool, I don’t use insta anymore but my user is epi.sappety


Ahh, thanks! :relaxed:



Completed your profile picture!


~ I put in your character but you didn’t list the skin tone so I just guessed ://
~ I drew in a random outfit, hope you don’t mind :DD
~ I added your username, of course.
~ The background is a baby pink with watermark splodges and sparkles.

If you’d like a redo, feel free to ask me what you’d like to change :wink:


@Shariya ~ hi, just realised you haven’t been active for a while so i’m wondering if you still want your request to be finished. please let me know if you see this xx


I’ll be reopening requests soon but with a new slot system! xx :heart:



I reopened the request thread!
I changed it up by creating a slot system! I’ll be taking 5 requests before closing requests again. Check out the OG post to check if they’re filled up!

Thanks! :revolving_hearts:


Bumping :relaxed:


Can I request a banner


I’m going to request an edit if


@LG891 ~ Ah, sure! Go ahead! I’ll give you the form to fill out because it isn’t in my OG post.

@Chesirekitten101 ~ Awesome :revolving_hearts:



Background Theme + Colour:
Any Characters?:
Overall Mood (happy, sad etc.):
Specifics + Extras:





Background Theme + Colour: gold and silver and white
Text: I need about 10 banners or more
Any Characters?: yes
Overall Mood (happy, sad etc.): happy
Specifics + Extras: none


Banners text

Episode starlight is hiring

Episode starlight review thread

Episode starlight tutorial

Episode starlight big giveaway

Episode starlight magazine

Episode starlight news




Episode starlight interview thread

Episode starlight offical request thread 2.0


Ah, thanks for the info! I’ll get it done as soon as possible :blush:


Also when will it be done

No rush


Hey, PoPo??? Can I request a pfp


Chrissy , is that you ?
Long time no talk


Ah, definitely at most by Thursday :wink:


Yessss, go ahead! :blush: