~Mashia's Weekly Editing Challenge~


oh! i just finished editing the old one. i hope this is okay!


Ohh, that looks amazing! I love the eyeshadow and shading :heart_eyes:


I will be joining the one of next week! It’s a shame I didn’t saw this till a few minutes ago


BEUTIFUL I love the pose and her expression holy wow :heart_eyes:


thank you so much! it took me a little while to do


I didn’t have time this week, but I will definitely don’t coming week


You’ve guessed it, a new character! Here it is :revolving_hearts:



Character Details!

Body: Olive.
Brows: Seductive Round.
Hair: Rebel Half Shaved Hairstyle (Black).
Eyes: Almond Luxe (Purple).
Face: Oval.
Nose: Refined.
Lips: Classic (Plum).

This week, there’s a theme to it! As you can tell, the character looks pretty edgy.
So your special challenge is to make this character look like a sweet heart. Below are the requirements needed for this piece <3

  • You must make the character look like a soft + kind person. Use clothing, accessories, makeup and surroundings to represent this.
  • You must add a background. It can be any of your choice.
  • You must include a shade of yellow in your art.
  • The pose can not be idle.*

You do not need to follow the challenge, and you can continue on with whatever theme you want; this is simply for those who want to have a prompt :heart:

*If you are unable to do this, feel free to ask me to send you a specific pose with this character.

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Is it okay if you change the lip color? Cause that’s part of make up…


Mmm, good question! I think we should just keep it because the lip colour can really change the whole personality sometimes and I don’t want the challenge to get too easy :sweat_smile: Sorryyy!


I missed last week’s one, but I’m definitely entering this one!


Okay that does make it a little more challenging, but I am excited for it!


Entering this for sure!


Can I make her hair tied in a ponytail?

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I’d prefer to have the characters keep the same hairstyle, kinda like I mentioned with the lips. Sorry bout that :sweat_smile:




I am SUPER excited for this theme!



My edit


I am so going to try, thank Mashia


Finally done!

The yellow accents are the highlights on the right, her skin is kind of yellowish too, so, I hope that counts! lol

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