Massive Rank Showing Problem In Episode

Episode doesn’t show my rank for both of my stories I only see N/A when I look into the rank for genre and overall in portal and they haven’t send me an email about “reviewing” my story. I already send tickets that includes screenshots of the proof and my portal link so I’m waiting for their answer. Is there anyone who had this problem and solved it?
Here is the problem.

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One of my older stories has an “N/A” rank. The reason why is because the Episode Team was in the process of reviewing it. Unfortunately, Episode accused me of violating the guidelines! Keep in mind, this was a story I published almost five years ago :joy:They told me that my story can no longer trend (rank) on the app, so it’s stuck at “N/A”.

It could also be a glitch. Maybe the Episode Team reviewed your story… and well… yeah, it just appears as “N/A”.

My advice is to send them a ticket and wait about four weeks for them to respond :joy: :joy:

But they send you an email about it right, and when exactly did they do after they remove your story from the app? Because I didn’t receive any, even last year I mean shouldn’t they let me know about it at least :pleading_face: And wow four weeks is a lot​:scream: