Masters of the elements Game world


It is about a game called MASTERS of THE Elements Dont know how it will play out but it will be fun to try! :slight_smile:
The charister guide

The sign up form

The is an anime styled thing so ya lets see how this works
I assign companions at random check the guide to see if u got one


Hey, we are happy to have you want to start RPing here.
However, there are certain rules we follow in this forum. Your RP doesn’t quite follow the criteria. You need to add a more detailed description for people to know more about the story and what you’d like to see happen in the RP. Also, before posting, we also try to ask/recommend that people use the ideas thread to see how many people actually want this RP to happen. This also helps to generate a group to tag to participate.

If you want to RP, then all you need to know is here!
Please read it, so that everyone follows the same guide.



oh darn it im such i doofus :sweat: stupid stupid stupid me