Matching a story cover with ur story desc (MORE INFO BELOW)

ok so the title might be misleading but basically come up w a random story plot (anything) and ill just create a cover for it.

-when i mean random, i mean random.
-no this topic is not for me to make u an art cover
-this is my first time doing this, so i recommend u not to steal the art covers i make (bc they possibly may not look good)

this topic is basically for me to practice my art skills, and for u guys to possibly rate me
if u would like to see my art and rate it, lmk in ur reply

if u do want to use my art (lol bad idea just letting u know) let me know. (click arrow for info)

using my art info

-i can send u a pic of the cover then from there u can tell me if u wanna use it, its ok to say no, dont be afraid to reject me

if ur confused, ill answer ur questions.

once i like ur reply, that means im working on it

i get a girlfriend, we’re all lovey dovey and stuff, we go to dinner with our single parents, we find out they’re…

you know…yeah…so…

and no, this isn’t my story💀

edit: oh wait! you’re from the background character one that i was just at. hi🥺

lmao hi, i always have the same ppl come to my topics and i always think theyre stalking my acc or something

uh, yeah, no. i don’t have the energy or time to stalk someone i don’t know. like, how do creeps do it? they talented asf and don’t share some of that patience and wisdom with the rest of us?:roll_eyes:

selfish little nastys👹