Matching characters to their appearance

When you’re planning out your characters, do you plan out their background first or their appearance?

For Example, when do you plan their personality, name, hobbies, etc. and their looks and style?

Whichever way you do it, how do you match their appearance to their personality?

I’m a new writer and I’m planning out my MC for my upcoming story. I know how I want the character to be, personality wise, but i’m struggling to figure out how I imagine the character looking. I’m even struggling to figure out names.

Any tips or recommendations that might help?

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I always choose how the character looks first then
think about their personality and plot.
I don’t really match the characters personality to their appearance because
I usually like adding plot twists to my stories , it honestly depends on your plot. :orange:

Personally I always look at other authors MC’s and then make mine if they give me ideas.

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Thank you, i’ll try that. :ok_woman:

I plan out how my character looks like first most of the time, have their hair color give them either personality or make them mean depending on the vibe I feel afterwards. After that, I decide how their style is and what is means for the plot if their important in any way possible

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Thanks that actually really helps! Any tips on titles?

Titles I’m not really good with myself. I’d say make it similar to the story but have it stand out

I always trust my heart while creating them in the portal. With the names, I search on google like ‘female name that means wise’ as an example

so late to this, but… from my experience, coming up with a title should be one of the last things you do. i say that because by that point, you’ve already planned the majority of your story and so your title might be foreshadowing something or being a symbol/motif of something represented in your story that the audience might only be able to figure out when they’re done reading as they’ll have a deep understanding of the themes in your story. for episode, however, that proves quite tricky, as you have to create a title before you even begin writing. this brings me back to my initial point which is to have most (if not all) of your story fully fleshed out (like on google docs or word) before you even begin to write a single thing in the portal. having a comprehensive plan will be SO much easier long-term as it’s less likely your motivation will become tanked due to not knowing where to go next & how to get from point A to B… anyways!