Matching family skin tones and lip color

In the first episode of my story I have a CC for the MC and some features of her family will change to match her look. But I just realized that I haven’t changed their lip color to match skin tone and I don’t know the best way to do it since the CC have all lip colors. Maybe add a new CC in the next episode where the player will pick their natural lip color and then replace the CC in the first episode with that one too?

Or is there a way where I can code lip color depending on what skin tone the player picks? So lay your advice on me please for the best way to do this. :blush:

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you should add another CC :thinking: and tell your readers to click on all the options, and that is a lot of work but you need to match every skin tone with the lip color.

you can also use this code:

@MOM becomes MC

and then change some features, but it works only for the same gender characters,

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Thank you for your help. :blush: How would I go about matching every skin tone with a lip color? Can I add the change of the lip color for family members under the skin tone selection?

I don’t mind it being a lot of work I just want to get it right since the family will be getting a lot of screen time later on and I don’t want it to be jarring for players.

which style are you using? And yes, you can put lips colors under skin tone selection :slight_smile:

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I’m using ink. :blush:


This is a lifesaver. Thank you! :slight_smile: