Matchmakers in da house yo


Okay, so me and ma friend @kennedy11 decided since she’s a pretty good matchmaker (unless it comes to finding someone for herself. Then she kinda sucks) and I’m a priest for hire :sunglasses:, we’d start a business!
So, if any of y’all are lonely like @kennedy11 and would like a bf/gf, just hop on over and comment down below!
List of Lonely Peeps
@Hialexhi - wants a man
List of Other Lonely Peeps Who Want a fRiEnD
Ps: @kennedy11 is a little lonely at the time, so all of y’all males out there looking for someone to have some fun with, :smirk: hit her up on PM
I think that’s all folks! I’m out :sunglasses:




That was a quick PFPchange :rofl:


Ikr? It’s nice though


lol ikr


I’ll join/hire when I have time ladies :sunglasses:


Okay girl😂


Who made your pfp this time?




Ohh okay.




Peeps, we’re open!


I wanna join the team :birthday:


Wait what


I wanna join the matchmaking I need a job! :sob:


Me lol




Girl or boy?


@kennedy11 are we accepting more peeps?


if you want to Queen