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A school full of supernatural creatures and and humans, what could go wrong am I right? WRONG! The supernatural creatures have mates, soul mates. Their mates could be anyone, even a human. However, having a human mate is NOT ALLOWED in the supernatural world. It is known as a disgrace. If one is found with a human mate, the human will be killed. In this school, the humans do not know about the supernatural world, so if a human finds out about it, the humans will be put to sleep along with the supernatural creature the human had found out about. So be careful my friend, for you should learn not to mess with the law.

HOW TO: Reject/Take Back Your Rejection

you are able to reject your mate by saying,
"I,[YOUR FULL NAME], reject you, [MATE’S FULL NAME], as my mate."

you are able to take back your rejection by saying,
"I, [YOUR FULL NAME], accept you, [MATE’S FULL NAME], as my mate."

when rejecting your mate, do note that only the rejected mate will feel an immense pain in their chest area. (kind of like your heart being torn in half.) you are allowed to fall in love with someone other than your mate.

HOW TO: Identify Your Mate

your mate will have a unique scent that all supernatural creatures can smell. their scent will be a scent you enjoy a lot. (grapes, popcorn, candy, lavender etc.) your mate will appear to be the perfect woman/man to you whether you are rejected or not.

only the male supernatural creatures and female supernatural creatures (if they have a human mate) will know who their mate is. (i will personally message you.)

HOW TO: Mark Your Mate

the supernatural creatures will mark their mate by biting their neck like how a vampire would. (of course without the blood-sucking and all that.) if both the mates are supernatural creatures, they would have to mark each other. if not, the supernatural creature will only mark their human mate.

after marking, they would have to mate (sexual intercourse) to complete the mating process. once this happens, the two mates will be able to mind-link (telepathy) each other.


if a human is your mate, you might wanna keep him/her hidden. if any of the supernatural creatures see you with your human mate, your human mate will be killed.

if any of the humans find out that you’re a supernatural creature, both of you will be put to sleep.

supernatural creatures are no allowed to use their powers in school, if found doing so, you will be expelled.

ABOUT: Supernatural Creatures

they are able to shift into their wolves whenever they like, their clothes will be shredded to pieces due to the huge size of their wolf. when they shift back to their human form, they will be naked. they are able to communicate with their wolf in human form in their minds. they are also able to communicate with their fellow pack mates in their mines. (kind of like telepathy but they call it mind-link. :smiley:) ALL THE WEREWOLVES IN THE SCHOOL ARE IN THE SAME PACK.
Spots are open for: (first come first serve basis)
Alpha (1/1) (leader of the pack)
Beta (1/1) (serves the alpha, the second-in-command)
Gamma (1/1) (protects the luna and serves the alpha, third-in-command)
Mate of the Alpha (1/1) (mate of the alpha, cares for the pack, helps the alpha.) this position will be chosen randomly by me! :smile:

they feed of blood. it can be human or animal but the school forbids any vampires from drinking blood from the humans that attend the school. vampires have super speed, inhuman strength and is able to fly. (sorry, i don’t know much about vampires! if you have anymore information about them, do tell me! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

they have an enchanting voice that can hypnotize men into doing whatever they want them to do. they are fragile but deadly. unfortunately, sirens are not allowed to use their voice for their own entertainment. if they are caught using, they will be put to sleep. (forevaaaa :confused:)

ABOUT: Eye Colors

supernatural’s eye color will change based on their mood. they cannot control this so this often reveals the creature’s identity.

black eyes = lust/love
golden eyes = the wolf takes control of the human without shifting. (for werewolfs) vampires are craving or sucking blood. (for vampires) when sirens are using their powers. (for sirens)

school map
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players: @AmyAn @annaclaire721 @Chocolate_Mama @Episode.BriarRose @HermanEpisode @is.mariella @ItzzzLeah @Kate_Potter @Littlefeets @Luna-Chan @SilverStar @Wingsoffire @oorgeloop @Alexwrites @xXCrowFangXx @Ella @Drama_Queer @Krokoro
(i hope those who got to know their mates keep it a secret for a while and i hope you guys got your schedules!)

how we start: school hasn’t started yet, feel free to meet other students outside of school. :grin::heartpulse:

have fun!

-krokoro :heartbeat:

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ORP: oOf ok my hands are tired and it’s late here. i’ll start roleplaying tomorrow. goodnight and have fun! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::heartpulse:


Kamiyah Jones

She woke up, rubbing her eyes to wake herself up more. She eventually got up, and got changed. She started to go downstairs, and then she heard her mothers bedroom door open, she looked up and saw an unfamiliar man walking out. This didn’t come as much of a surprise to her, as her mothers life is centered around dating. The man pushed her out of the way and walked down the stairs in front of her, leaving by the front door without a second glance. Kamiyah sighed. Will my mom ever find someone? She thought, while walking out after him, not saying a word to her mother.
She started walking to school with her earphones in, because she thinks of it as a way to shut everyone else out for a while. When she finally arrived at school, she took them out. She realised she was a bit early so she sat on a nearby bench. She felt a bit awkward just sat there, so she got her phone out, and kept swiping through the apps on her home screen.

Zach Warren

He didn’t wake up until quite late. He rubbed his head because of the bad headache from whatever he did the night before. He took his time to get up, because he knew it only took him a few seconds to get changed. He finally started getting dressed - still sat on the bed. Within 2 minutes, he was out the door. He had his hands in his pockets, headphones in and sunglasses on and there was absolutely no expression shown on his face, as if a sign to say ‘don’t talk to me’ as he walked to school.
He arrived at school, kind of annoyed that he got there early. He went over to the wall of the school, and just leaned against it, waiting for school to start, because the quicker it started - the quicker it ended.

Both are approachable outside of the school!


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Alexis Belle

Alexis huffs. Another school day. Great, she thought. It’s not like she’s going to hell, but I sure feel like it. Alexis opened her eyes, only to have them shut again due to the sunlight bursting out of her windows. Her eyes burned, and she had to blink harshly for a couple of seconds before throwing her warm covers but to instantly regret that decision. She was in her cute, small pajamas and the AC was still on. This day’s gonna be awesome! Note my sarcasm.

Okay, before you get creeped out, Alexis has that weird habit of talking to herself or her pure white wolf. Don’t freak! While she was walking (while shivering) to her bathroom, she accidentally stepped on a small bead on the floor. Ah, darn it! She starts hopping on one foot, waiting for the pain to lessen. Ha! No such luck!

She heads to the bathroom before she a speak another word and proceeded to do a quick work of brushing teeth, a shower, and another round of brushing hair and made a quick work of two perfect eyeliner wings and cherry pink lipstick. She quickly headed to her walk-in closet, grabbing an outfit to wear, then heading to the kitchen, grabbing an apple, then hollering a quick “goodbye!” then she was outa here!

She arrived at the school shortly, not really focusing on her footing and stumbling onto someone. She quickly jumped and apologized a hundred times before she saw someone in her class. Was it Zap? Zaff?

“Uh, hello, um, sorry for tripping. On you. I mean–” She huffed and got straight to the point “–You Zack? I’m Alexis.” And held out a hand to shake.

ORP: Approachable! @Ella


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Zach Warren

He was taken slightly by surprise when he was knocked back by a girl who he didn’t even see coming. The surprise was not shown on his face though, and he instead just looked down at her and said, “It’s fine.” Shortly. He wasn’t really interested in what her name was, but she told it anyway, so he shook her hand, but didn’t say anything in return.

@Episode.BriarRose - Alexis


Morgan Diaz

Morgan stepped out of bed. Great. she said, Back to school. I just hope this one is better.
She put on some casual clothes and made herself not look like a wreck. She brushed her teeth and all that jazz, until eating her breakfast and headed off to school.

She arrived shortly after leaving the house. She had arrived early for once. Let’s just hope these people aren’t lunatics like last time. she sighed, then leaned back on a tree and went on her phone.

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Also, Morgan is now approachable!


Alexis Belle

Woah, people are rude these days, she huffed mentally. Have ever been in that awkward conversation where you don’t know either to run, walk or talk? Alexis was right there. She didn’t know what to do. It’s not every day you bump in a dude with an RBF, I mean, hellooo?

She then remembered something. Her schedule! Oh, god, where is it? She slumps on the ground, opening her bag and looking, the Zack dude already forgotten. I better not have left it home, she huffed when she didn’t find it. When she stood up, she was surprised that RBF dude was still there. She was offended when she was met with a flat stare, so she huffed and walked away.

ORP: Approachable!


Zach and Kamiyah are approachable!


ORP: Everyone’s approachable!


Morgan Diaz

Morgan got off her phone. She opened her bag and got out her schedule. “Literature?!” She shouted, suddenly. But then she realised she had said it in front of all the early students. Good job, Diaz. she thought, Great way to start the day.

Morgan sighed, Fresh start, girl. Get other your stupid shyness and go talk to someone!
But there’s so many to choose from…


Alexis Belle


She jumped, startled. What’s going on with these people today? She turned around and was met with a pale-skinned girl and curly hair. Lots of it. “You okay, buddy?” she asked the girl.

She cringed as soon as the words. left her mouth. Seriously, Al? “buddy”? When are we? the first century?! Oh, god, this is way harder than I expected, Sh regretted the decision of even opening her mouth, but alas, the damage is done.

Maybe making new friends wouldn’t hurt, right?

ORP: Approachable! @Drama_Queer


both my characters are approachable


Morgan Diaz
Morgan was surprised, she never thought she’d get the chance to make a friend today!
She looked at the girl, she blushed red. She knew why she’d came over.

“Yeah, I’m good.” She shrugged, “I’m just…looking at my schedule.” While it wasn’t completely true, it wasn’t completely a lie either.

Morgan soon realised once more that she’d have to make at least aqquantancies today, so she tried her best.

“What’s your name?” She asked.



Alexis Belle

Alexis was snapped out of her daze by, “What’s your name?”

My name? My name? Oh, right! My name… “Uh, Alexis. Alexis Belle at your service.” She did a quick, dramatic bow that Alexis deemed worthy as soon as her supposed “friend” chuckled.

Alex smiled a little. Maybe it won’t be hard at all. Just rule number one: DON’T SAY anything stupid. Rule number two: DON’T SAY anything stupid. And rule number three: DON’T SAY anything stupid. Her smile deepened.

Yep, I’m getting out of this hellhole with a friend. Surely. Hopefully.

ORP: Approachable! @Drama_Queer


Luke Snafter

I got out of my car, looking at the other people standing there. Luke, pull it together. Go talk to someone you idiot, I thought. I wandered over to the side of the crowd, pulling my schedule from my bag. I looked it over, silently wishing the people in these classes were friendly.


I stood by the front of the crowd, my bag slung over one shoulder. I looked around, eventually deciding I should at least be somewhat prepared for school. I opened my bag and pulled out my schedule. “French or Spanish?” I demanded. “Who wants that?”


Coco walked over and eyed all the people talking.It’s so weird one of these people can be my mate. Coco eyed everyone as she leaned back against the wall.
ORP: Approachable


ORP: How about all the characters have a get-together? Like for them all to talk together and be a group of friends?


Kamiyah Jones

She looked over at someone who was shouting in front of the school. She decided to get up and go over to him. “Are you okay?” She laughed slightly, because she saw him looking at his timetable. “What? Don’t like your lessons?”

@xXCrowFangXx - James