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A school full of supernatural creatures and and humans, what could go wrong am I right? WRONG! The supernatural creatures have mates, soul mates. Their mates could be anyone, even a human. However, having a human mate is NOT ALLOWED in the supernatural world. It is known as a disgrace. If one is found with a human mate, the human will be killed. In this school, the humans do not know about the supernatural world, so if a human finds out about it, the humans will be put to sleep along with the supernatural creature the human had found out about. So be careful my friend, for you should learn not to mess with the law.

woot woot! wassup! :smiley: most of you may not know me (well practically all of you), but my name is krokoro! nice to meet ya! :wink:
so i’ve been pretty obsessed with werewolf movies AND stories so i figured i’d make a roleplay about it! so basically there is a supernatural school but with humans in it. the supernatural creatures will be able to tell if a person is a human by their scent. same as mates, their scents will be a scent that creature enjoys very much. (grapes, popcorn, candy, lavender etc.) you are allowed to reject your mate by saying, “I, [YOUR FULL NAME], reject you, [MATE’S FULL NAME], as my mate.” only the rejected mate will feel an immense pain in your chest area. (kind of like your heart being torn in half. :cold_sweat:) you are allowed to take back your rejection by saying, “I, [YOUR FULL NAME], accept you, [MATE’S FULL NAME], as my mate.” (yay!) also, if a human is your mate, you might wanna keep him/her hidden. if any of the supernatural creatures see you with your human mate, your human mate will be killed. (nnoooooooooo!) if any of the humans find out that you’re a supernatural creature, both of you will be put to sleep. (forevaaa :confounded:) of course, you are allowed to fall in love with someone other than your mate. but there will be a lotta drama. the supernatural creatures will mark their mate by biting their neck like how a vampire would. (of course without the blood-sucking and all that.) mates will be assigned randomly by me! :smiley: only the male creators will know who i assigned to their characters so it’ll be a little more interesting! also, mates will find each other as the perfect woman/man. (this includes rejected mates too! they still feel something for their mate! :hugs:)
hope you guys sign up! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


they are able to shift into their wolves whenever they like, their clothes will be shredded to pieces due to the huge size of their wolf. whenthey shift back to their human form, they will be naked. they are able to communicate with their wolf in human form in their minds. they are also able to communicate with their fellow pack mates in their mines. (kind of like telepathy but they call it mindlink. :smiley:) ALL THE WEREWOLVES IN THE SCHOOL ARE IN THE SAME PACK.
Spots are open for: (first come first serve basis)
Alpha (1/1) (leader of the pack)
Beta (1/1) (serves the alpha, the second-in-command)
Gamma (1/1) (protects the luna and serves the alpha, third-in-command)
Mate of the Alpha (1/1) (mate of the alpha, cares for the pack, helps the alpha.) this position will be chosen randomly by me! :smile:
do comment below if you want any of this spots^

they feed of blood. it can be human or animal but the school forbids any vampires from drinking blood from the humans that attend the school. vampires have super speed, inhuman strength and is able to fly. (sorry, i don’t know much about vampires! if you have anymore information about them, do tell me! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

they have an enchanting voice that can hypnotize men into doing whatever they want them to do. they are fragile but deadly. unfortunately, sirens are not allowed to use their voice for their own entertainment. if they are caught using, they will be put to sleep. (forevaaaa :confused:)

_all supernatural creatures have eyes that can change colors. _
black eyes = lust/love
golden eyes = the wolf takes control of the human without shifting. (for werewolves) vampires are craving of sucking blood. (for vampires) when sirens are using their powers. (for sirens)

this are the supernatural creatures for now! if there are any more supernatural creatures you want me to add, do tell me!

sign up to be a supernatural creature
sign up to be a human

thank you! :hugs:
-krokoro :heartbeat:

MATES || RP || Official Thread

Reserve for Alpha… I guess? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


oo of course! :wink::two_hearts:


I filled out a form, I don’t really care what I am though.


I submitted a form. ^^


Can you tell me if mine submitted?


hmm… i can’t seem to find your form. :persevere:
maybe you could try submitting one again?:heartbeat:


faceclaims are here! :wink::heartbeat:


oops! almost forgot, those who signed their character up to be a werewolf, please send me a picture of what their wolf would look like! also, if you have a name you would like to call your wolf, do put it in the ‘anything else’ section! and those who signed their character up to be a siren, please send me picture of what their tail/fin would look like! :smile::two_hearts:
-krokoro :heartbeat:

@Chocolate_Mama, @ItzzzLeah, @SilverStar, @xXCrowFangXx :hugs:


This is a picture of my wolf.

I’d like to call him Apollo.


alrighty, thank you! :grin:


Picture or my tail:


When would this start, may I ask?


i was thinking, maybe about next week? since i would be more free then. :grin:


oo thank you!




Is it too late to reserve for this?


of course not! just be sure to make your character by next week! :grin::heartpulse:


Ok thank you!


Lol I submitted, I didnt know how to add a picture on that form but

Can I be an alpha? :blush:

Here is her human:

Her wolf version:
I would like to call this wolf Kale