Maths problems - help!

Hey guys! Just a few maths questions I’m stuck on lol

These two, i’m supposed to draw the graph but yeah, i dunno how to draw the ending of both of them.

And this one, i searched it up and the answer is right, but i dunno

Thanks in regards!

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aHh i know its hard but can anyone help???

Is the red line what you’ve drawn already or was that already there to begin with?

I never seen anything like this before, but how I’m reading it, if in the FIRST 15 minutes, the average speed was 40, wouldn’t the red line start at 0 minutes already around 40 and then be stagnant there until 15 minutes, and then it would go down to 0 from the 15 minute mark to the minute mark…

And then he completes his journey going 45 for the rest of the 20 minutes to 60. So it’d be up again a lil bit at 45 til 60…?

I mean…I’m only just supposin’. I never seen this before >.> …but wouldn’t that make more sense…?

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This is just a whole ass mood :joy:

For the first 15 minutes his average speed is 40 mph:
S = D/T
S = 40mph
T = 15/60 = 1/4h
D = 40 * 1/4 = 10m
Drawing this on the graph, in 15 minutes he travels 10 miles.

He then stops for 25 minutes:
If the gradient is flat, he has stopped. Because the distance is neither decreasing or increasing.
15 + 25 = 40 minutes.

He then completes the journey at an average of 45mph.
S = D/T
S = 45mph
T = 60-40 = 20 minutes
D = 45 * 20/60 = 45 * 1/3 = 15m

Drawing this on the graph, in 20 minutes he travels 15 miles.

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45 minutes of an hour = 3/4 or 0.75

D = S * T
S = 80
T = 3.75

80 * 3.75 = 300km

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Hahah I’m learning about this too

Don leaves home at 2pm. He drives 45 miles from home in the first hour.
D = 45
T = 1
S = D/T = 45/1 = 45

In one hour Don travels 45 miles.

He stops for 90 minutes:
90 minutes = 1.5 hours
He has stopped; therefore, the gradient is flat because the distance is neither decreasing or increasing.

He drives home at an average speed of 15mph:
S = 15
D = 45
T = D/S = 45/15 = 3 hours

In 3 hours, Don will be home. Distance will be 0.

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yeah, i drew it there (i dunno if its wrong lol)

Yeah, i’ll try that lol


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Ooohhh, rigghttt

(omg i didnt see the “40mph” i thought it just said 40 miles so thats why i went all the way up to 40 lmao)

Loll its a painn

Thank you!!

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No problem. Glad to help.

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But emm, this one isn’t working…

I didn’t calculate the average speed for you. I’ll with out if it’s that.

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But it’s saying both of them are wrong

when you have a question right, it makes a “ding!” sound, but it just said “whoops you have some incorrect answers”

cuz the question progress should have some green in it if i’ve done part of the question right

Ah. Sorry I have no idea where I went wrong. If you don’t solve it, I’ll take a look at it later, when I get a chance.

Average speed = total distance / total time
Total distance = 25 miles
Total time = 1 hour

Average speed = 25 / 1
Average speed = 25mph

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