Mature Content Title Card


Hi! So I’m currently writing a story and I’d like to add a mature content title card, I’ve been seeing a lot of authors using the same one. It has the Episode “E” in cursive at the top and it just warns you for future mature content. Does episode provide it?


Idk… but I could make you one if ya would like…


I’d love that!! Do you have instagram?


I just created one… it’s


I have examples on there as well


Alright, I’ll send you a dm in a moment :slight_smile:


I can help too


Do you have insta? :slight_smile:





If you’re looking for the episode “E” one it’s in the Art Catalog in the Writer’s Portal. It’s called “INT. WARNING - BOTH”.


Yes that’s it! Thank you so much :slight_smile:


I made this one for my story “She was the player” you can use it I took the picture myself :smile: