Mature stories (Warning: Mini Rant)

I have a massive problem with episode at the moment in the sense that if I choose a to read a story from the featured section, I have to be careful as the more popular stories feature so really… ‘crude’ plot lines.

To be honest, if Episode is going to feature stories that feature loads of violence and sexual assault then they should at least up their age rating. This could just be me being funny about the whole thing but I find it really disgusting


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Agreed! Except I don’t want Episode to up their age rating. Just to hold the authors of those stories accountable when they’re going against the guidelines (do the Episode story guidelines even exist at this point?). Of course, that might be a bit idealistic of me to wish for, seeing as when the Episode team is supposed to implement their guidelines on something they have more control over like cover arts, some of those still get approved when they’re still clearly inappropriate for the current age rating.

If anyone who writes those kinds of stories is reading this post right now:
You and I clearly don’t always agree on what should or shouldn’t be on this app. But let’s agree on this: Please, in respect for your own readers, at least give them the option to skip scenes that seem to/clearly go against the guidelines. Seriously, it’s very easy to code in an app like Episode that is supposed to be all about choices. And it shows that you’re a minimum considerate :slight_smile:


I would agree, and I’m glad someone brought up the warning at the beginning of some stories. Sadly, everyone uses that warning for something as tame as a few curse words, so it kinda lost its effect. I don’t think putting a warning at the beginning of a story removes all accountability on the author’s part if their story isn’t within the guidelines. Episode won’t do anything about it, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find some kind of solution or better option, right? We can give readers the option to skip scenes they might be uncomfortable with and enjoy the rest of the story stress-free, so why not give that to them?

Some readers might really want to read a certain story that they feel has a really interesting plot and great characters, but they don’t want to have to sit and tap through a detailed sexual assault scene and would appreciate it if they could’ve just skipped it. If the scene is important, it can still be mentioned when skipped, just without all the disturbing details.


Of course! That’s perfect, in my opinion. I wish more writers on Episode would do that.
(Can’t wait for Love Has No Color to be published, by the way :blush:)

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Don’t get me wrong, I’m fine is there is a warning but I have read quite a few stories that haven’t had the warning

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I feel episode, tends to ban certain stories featured in the user story section, but will often times feature these same type of stories in their feature section, and it’s trending or accepted meanwhile, if a author includes same thing in their story, their story is banned. Also, there isn’t enough supervision on Episode anytime racists, or underage children are on Episode creating stories which they shouldn’t even be allowed to create, or publish. Yes it’s our job to supervise what the child watches, promotes, or does on social media ,but isn’t Episode aslo, given the same type of responsibility when featuring certain stories, or author’s on episode? To me it’s unafair to ban ceertain author’s who put in as much dedication, and time when to came to writing, or publishing stories as the next person. Some of us actually work really hard when it comes to writing, and publishing scripts. Why should we have to suffer due to the lack of supervision on Episode? Why should we have to suffer when these same things which episode claims they don’t promote, are featured on episode as trending? If the story constains mature content then it should be geared towards a mature auidence. Others who aren’t mature or old enough to read certain content shouldn’t be reading it. I have seen some really amazing stories banned on Episode due to the lack of supervision, or hypocritical guidelines from episode.

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I would class the app as 15+ PG stories if are done correctly can be very successful but unfortunately these stories will always top as their interesting. And to be honest the sweet wided eyed 13 year old is long gone. And no I don’t hold episode responsible at all it’s down to the parents who quite frankly don’t care what their kids are doing. Im still shocked that 13 year old have phones I wasn’t allowed one until I was 16.

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I wasn’t allowed internet on my phone until I was 16 so…

Ima actually 13…:joy:

But it’s fine tbh, the “mature” stories don’t interest me, and my stories are pretty…ya know. I do agree that technically Episode should be 15+…and not for squirts like meh. :joy::ok_hand:

Lol I know a few 13 year olds that are mothers scary isn’t it but it’s the world now 13 now is completely different to when I was 13 or it could just be I had one very paranoid Mum.

When I was 13, I was more interested in drawing than the internet. How times have changed

I guess 13 year olds nowadays are more interested in seeing whether the heartless (Also, how the hell is he heartless? He must be having them damn veins, arteries, pulmonary-whatevs to be still living, yeah?) mafia (Is that stuff even real?) leader who’s a… s** craved moron. And don’t even get me started on the bad boys, rich, arrogant money bags who we call billionaires, bad boys who are billionaires, blah, blah, blah…
And the mature themes part? When there’s a mature theme and strong language sign, you expect restricted cussing and undermined scenes, not some Who’s-The-Profanity-Champion-Contest or literary visuals of full-blown erotica. But, I guess 13 year olds are comfortable reading them… (Tsk, tsk :unamused:) Episode should be 16+ atleast. In India, general voting starts at 18, so a kid has grown some common sense till 16 years of age. In many welfare-concerned schools, they don’t allow students to have smartphones till 16. Why? Because there’s all shunned things roaming on and on in the virtual society. It’s not that they’re prohibiting you from using phones, they care about you so that you don’t get hyped by cyber-crimes or cyber-addiction (which is a major problem among today’s youth BTW :frowning:) and tread in on misguided in life.

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yEAH, 13 year olds these days tend to be obsessed with the stupidest things…and by stupid I mean the stupidest inappropriate things. But Ima not like the others, Ima actually one of the more “innocent” 13 year olds, if ya know what I mean.

I wouldnt say its 13 yr olds(not implying u think tht) i think older ppl on the app perpetuate tht too.

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