Mature Story List


Hey guys. Searching within Episode for more stories can be difficult at times. Could you guys list some of your favorite stories that have 18+ content? There are so many stories that even have a choice to skip mature content, but most of those don’t even have wording I would call mature. Ex: we had sex…

Stories with mature themes

Hi! A reminder that Episode is for players 13+ and that all stories are required to be appropriate for that age audience. :v:t2:

FEATURE: Mature stories for 18+ for mature readers

Could y’all recommend me some stories with sexual themes or racy stories?
Please & thank you.


Brothers by kittyg_episode :slight_smile:


Wow! Just checked out the cover art & description & I love it! Exactly what kind of story I love!
Can’t wait to start reading.
Thank you. It’s great.


Lmao, don’t wanna sound like I’m advertising, or you might’ve heard this before, but my story The Twins has some…sexual stuff going on. I feel like you heard me say this story before, I’m not sure if it’s you or someone else. Link:
There’s also the stories Adrenaline and The Rise and Fall of Noah Cage.


No harm in self promotion at all.
I’ll take anything. I’ll check out The Twins & the other one!
Thank you


No prob! :wink:


I just remembered this one called the shadows it’s got “mature content”


Oh! Read Heathens it is definitely mature