Mature themes choice

My story will have some mature themes, so I thought I’ll let the reader decide if they want to read those scenes or not. I’ll make a short choice, where I say what the mature theme is (18+, triggering topics, etc) and then the readers can decide if they want to read it or jump to the next scene.
Sometimes there’ll be some kind of important information in those scenes, now I don’t know how to tell the readers. Should I let the narrator make a short summary of the most important things that happened/ are important? What do you think about this idea in general? Do you think you’d jump over a scene if you know it might trigger you because of something?

It’s a good idea, I also suggest putting a warning in the beginning of the story too. If there’s some dialogue that is importantbmaybe you could elaborate on it without using 18+ details.

I’ve already but a warning there, but I thought that won’t stop people from reading. If I tell them again right before such a scene, they can just jump over it without loosing too much of the story. And they have to decide themselves if they think the scene is suitable for them or not.

Yeah, that’s a great idea.


Yeah, you can give them the option to read a summary. The author of Silent Voice did that with a few scenes and it worked well. As long as the scenes are still within the guidelines and not too frequent, you should be good.