Mature themes in stories

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I was wondering where is the limit when mature content is too much? I’m not talking about the actual sexual act itself, and everything that surrounds it, but the more innocent scenes, so to speak, that can easily cross the line.

For example, I’m new to story writing and I had an idea for two characters to meet. One of them is dancing at a house party and they accidentally bump into each other. Now, that would be fine. But since the one dancing is a bit drunk, I’d really like to use “dance_drop_it” for the final dance animation. I feel like it might be too much.
What do you think?

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I don’t think it’a too much at all. Episode created the animation themselves, you know? So why not use it? And I also think that among of all the stuff you can find in other stories, yours is very much ok and even realistic. You can always put a warning “Mature themes” or something like that at the beginning of your story. :slight_smile: Hope this helps.


Thank you for your feedback, I appreciate it :raised_hands:

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