Mature themes picture?

Would anyone be willing to make me a mature themes picture to use at the beginning of every episode?

I don’t mind if it has the characters in it or not I’m just not sure how to make it the right size and stuff.

If you did want to include the main character I will post her detail profile below. Athletic wear is best for her.


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I will be more than happy to help you!!!

I made this and use it for my story you could use it just credit me: TeahWalker323 at the end it is my episode profile :blush:

Hi! Thanks so much!

Chay since you were the first to reply I would love to see what you do :slight_smile:

If for any reason you choose not to, I’ll use the one provided by Teahwalker


I will send you it in just a moment

You could always use both… switch them out between chapters

Sure! That’s a great idea :smiley:

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Hope you like it!!

that’s amazing! Thank you so much!

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Sure. I will do as advised above and rotate which one I use for each episode if you’re all happy with that? :slight_smile: