May anyone please educate me on Afro-Asian culture? 🥺

So, in my story, I’ve got an Afro Asian love interest. Her name is Akira Jem Takeuchi and she’s 17 years old. Here is a picture of her:

She’s half Japanese, half Haitian, so I need information on these three cultures: Japanese, Haitian, and Afro Asian in general. I f you want me to change her appearance, pointers and tips would be greatly appreciated as well! If someone could help me I would be so thankful! :blush: :pleading_face:


Is there anything specific you want to know about japanese culture? Maybe I can help with a couple of things

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Thank you for offering! Well, I’d mainly like to know about any stereotypes I should avoid, mannerisms around different groups of people, the like.

Well here are some stereotypes I know.

•They are pervs
•really nice
•very clean
•some people think that Japanese tradition and mannerisms are weird and strange
•cant hold liquor
•all of them are weebs


•Honorifics, like kun, san, chan. You would use these at the end of their name, each honorific depends on how much older or younger they are cimpare to you. But in some situations they just drop it too, it just depends
•Also to show signs of respect they’ll bow to superiors or elders but this also depends on their relationship too
•Some find it really impolite if you decline food someone has made for you
•No shoes in the house

Yeah that’s all I can think of right now.

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Thank you so much!

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Hi! Try giving her some black features that compliment her blasian complex. Like hair, nose… these are just examples. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I’ll make sure to do that.


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