May I have a writing partner please if anyone is interested

I have tried to do the script thing but keep on failing I guess some people have talent and some not some much .

So I asking for a writing partner I have a plot in mind it’s about the devil children and how they fall for two people at school with a twist they didn’t meet till duvessa (ravana lost twin)comes to their school and that’s how all drama and secrets come out .

and yous can take full credit I just want to read it .

I have done the characters, outfits, backgrounds

If anyone is interested thank you so much

you can not make a 18 plush it has to be 13 or it break the guidelines of the app

first go read the rules before you publish

second. yeah a lot of people break rules. all you can do is report them or ignore them. but do as them. you can be ban from the app for breaking rules

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Can you explain the plot a bit more?

Yes ravana and duvessa are the most cold hearted teens alive and they were born with red eyes but doctors always thought it was a medical condition when they become older they where contacts so people don’t question them .

ravana and Jeremy were in foster care for years That’s how they became best friends, till the day they got adopted by a loving couple and moved to America

Years later duvessa moved to America from Russia with her evil adopted parents

When she started school everything un ties

Ravana and duvessa find out their actually twins

Duvessa and Jeremy become friend with benefits but soon start to fall in love

Ravana sets himself a challenge to make a Christian girl fall for him but at the at comes mutual (Jamie)

Ravana and duvessa soon find their father and discover he’s the devil

Interesting. I can help you. How would you like to communicate? PMs?