May i have some help

your label has to be all together. I would suggest changing it to change_my_name. :grin:

wdym all together?

Your label can’t have any spaces. The words have to all be together.

can you show me an example please?

I gave you one. put change_my_name instead of the label you have and it should work. :grin::wink:

it says the label doesn’t exist

You have to use the label in the story.
for example if you have goto (label) it has to match with the label.

Where you have goto Change My Name for example you need to have it all without spaces and then before the scene where you change the name you need to put label change_my_name

your label change my name has to be something like change_my_name.

There can’t be spaces in between the words.

also label has to be separate from the label

you also have to use the labels at some point in the story.

dammit i give up

You just need to have the labels used. Do you have a scene where the labels are supposed to go to?

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The symbol after name and up should be a {

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Nevermind I got it:)

Close please:) @Sydney_H


Closed by OP request. :smiley: