Maybe i can help for a cover

heyy i don’t know if i want/can do it yet and i also don’t know if anyone would want it :smiley: (i’m not that good or anything yk) but i would like to start a cover/splashes thread!!
i can’t draw AT ALL!! but i can edit!!! sooo yeah :smiley: :smiley:

IF i’m going to make a thread it will be in another topic so yeahh

here is a example:

big cover

so yeahh if you want to i can help you!!

(it’s FREE btw :stuck_out_tongue: )

that is a really good edit


thank you so mutch :slight_smile: :heart::heart:

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I am in need of a large cover please can you do it for me

sure send me a message with the details!! like character looks, outfits, pose, background (or an inspiration foto) and other things you want! it’s pretty late here so i can see if i can start as soon as possible! :slight_smile:

Ok thank you so there is no rush hun I really appreciate you doing this for me I will send you details now in dm

alright tysm :slightly_smiling_face: