Maybe someone can figure this out better than I can


When coding for the eyebrow shape, how do I correct it?

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Try to re-enter It, because It seems to work fine for my story

It’s still not working

I’ve had this happen to me. What I do is I delete the customization then re-enter the customization again and SAVE IT, and see if that same error pops up. If it doesn’t then you can go ahead and tweak the customization script again.

This is the only way I know of to make sure this error doesn’t pop up. I know it’s annoying to re-do the whole thing.

Welp. This is gonna suck replacing all of that. Lol thank you though!!!

You don’t have to do that manually. If you put it into a word doc or a text doc, you just hit Control + F, and there’s an option to replace that word (FEMALEAVATAR) with the word you actually want. :slight_smile:

Edit: If you need help with that, I’ll help you w/ that.

Works beautifully now! Thanks everyone!