MC becomes pregnant within the Story? *Recommendations*



I’m searching for stories that pregnancy is in the The story (MC becomes pregnant within the story) but it’s not the main focus. preferably has CC. Any suggestions?

PS: when I say not the main focus I mean that the entire plot doesn’t revolve around the pregnancy.


Revenge Daddy


It doesn’t have pregnancy But still good!

DD: Rock Your Socks Off by Me!


Any more recommendations?


the Trophy Wife


I have one but the MC is pregnant but it is not the main focus, she just is.

It’s called: Rain.

A long time ago, in the time of the Roman Empire was a city that was ruled by 2 cruel people, when Rain has to run away from their evil King, can you help her??? And her child??


I’m not a fan of pregnancy stories but Meet me at sunrise is a good one