MC Default Outfit



I may just be overthinking a little bit, but I’m having trouble with picking an outfit for the main character’s default. The option is a bit important to me since it’s going to be on the cover. Which looks best to you? An explained reason for why you pick one would be really helpful too!

  • Outfit 1
  • Outfit 2
  • Outfit 3
  • Outfit 4
  • Outfit 5
  • Outfit 6
  • Outfit 7
  • Outfit 8
  • Outfit 9

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I personally like the 6th outfit since the sweater colour compliments her skin and the white jeans go with it well, hope this helped!


Thank you very much for the feedback!


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One of the ones with grey jeans! I picked #4. With the light jeans, it’s not too distracting and goes well with the shirt.


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