MC for my story signups! [Beautiful Creatures] INK!

Like the title says! I need some main characters for my story! It is in ink and you will be tagged in the credits in the story!

Positions Available

Werewolf Guardian - FREE (male)
Caster (witch/warlock) Guardian - taken by @Ayu
Vampire Guardian - Taken by @Forever1201
Chameleon Guardian - taken by @TheParisLover
Pixie Guardian - taken by @Neha.episode

If you wish to be one of the main characters, please fill the form below! I have planned to use my weekend with writing the first couple of episodes! So this will end… probably today or tomorrow!


If you wish to be a different sort of creature, please say in the first question!

Which Guardian/creature do you want to be? (or other)
Forum/instagram user
Character details (add outfit if you wish)
Name (first and last)

In this story, the MC is a male!
The story is called Beautiful Creatures
If you want further information on the story, feel free to dm me!


Which Guardian/creature do you want to be? (or other): Vampire Guardian
Forum/instagram user: @Forever1201
Character details (add outfit if you wish):

Name (first and last): Ryan Vein
Personality: A bad boy attitude but good heart when it comes to innocent people but cold hearted when someone messes with him

alright! thanks! You want me to tag you in the story right?

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Which Guardian/creature do you want to be? (or other) Witch
Forum/instagram user @Ayu
Character details (add outfit if you wish) You can add whatever outfit you want
Name (first and last) Ayame Misumi
Personality Outgoing, smart, fun, strong, kind hearted, caring, sometimes prankster, and enjoy teasing people
Other she wear glasses in human form, if no human form. No need to put glasses

awesome! do you want me to tag u in the story???

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Yes, please :slight_smile:

Chameleon Guardian

Genevieve Favreau (Make-up Last name)
Personality: sweet and caring and weird in a funny way

Awesome! Do you want me to tag u in the story?

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Yes plz

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Is this based off of the movie?

I ask because there is a movie called beautiful creatures which is basically about Lena duchanne, a caster who is under a family curse that will turn her dark and evil on her birthday whilst her mother and cousin riddley had already been claimed to the dark from the curse and were after her.

I want to be Pixie guardian.
My instagram is singer.ep
"My character details"
Body - Olive
Eyes - Upturned feline color - White
Nose - Elven
Eyebrows - Thin curved
Lips - Full round color - Terracotta
Hair - Straight color - Black
Face shape - Oval
Give any outfit you want.
Characters name - Neha Nath (That’s an Indian name.
Personality- Kind, Friendly, interested in singing, Rude to only them who don’t respect her and sarcastic and know what is love and is passionate and smart and have attitude.
Okay that’s enough😂

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no, this is not based off the movie, lol I didn’t even know there was a movie with the same title :rofl: the storyline is completely different as is the plot.

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Moved to Art Resources since this is for character details. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about creating topics, and feel free to PM me if you’ve got questions. :wink:

Alrighty, Well I recommend you watch the movie version anyways just because it’s good…

The main character is a boy and his LI is the girl lena, a caster who is literally scared as shit that she will go from emo to evil caster on her birthday due to a curse.

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