MC looks bigger than other characters


I came across something I think it’s weird… My MC is bigger (in height) than the other characters… Is this normal? I have tried to replace the character and creating a new one. I’ve also tried replacing other characters but the MC is always a bit taller.

This just bothers me a little, it’s not life or death :sweat_smile: but by any chance, does anyone know why this is happening…?

Thank you so much.

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you can scale your mc to be the same height or smaller with the use of spot directing.

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I have used the spot directing tool but the MC’s size stayed the same :sweat_smile:

you also copied the spot directing code after scaling her and put it in your script? because if so, that is odd especially if she is in the spot you put her.

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Oh… I’m not sure… That might be the problem…
Thank you !

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