MC Story Suggestion

Hello! If you’re looking for a good story to read, I’d definitely check out “Love Me Not” by Chelle. It’s so great! check it out and follow the author on Instagram @luvemenot

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Reviewer : Prashansa Ravi

Plot: It’s very intriguing. I hope we find out who write these letters.
Interest: Its okay. I mean I wasn’t hooked at the end of the first episode.
Length: I understand overlays, backrounds and transitions take a lot of time. But for me the story was too short.
Dialogue. Good job on flavoring the text. No spelling errors I found. Wish you would have went above and beyond with word choice.
Characters: It was basic.

Overall good luck with the contest. I’m entering too. Please don’t take this as offense. And my story is 10 times worse.

This is not a promote your story for you. She didn’t say she was gonna read yours. Please understand this.