MC with no personalities

What do you guys feel about stories that have MC’s with no personalities but the Love interests are into the MC anyway. I’ve seen way to many featured stories without any plot and just romance. What are your opinions on this?


I agree there’s a lot of featured stories where the MC just do things you would expect them to do with little to no thought about the plot line or any thing else really. :sweat_smile:


I dislike bland MC’s for a lot of reasons. It’s just boring, and there can be no good character development if there is no character in your MC. I also am confused when these boring MC’s show up and why Love Interests are so into them? Like sorry, but this MC is so unlikeable and basic. Please add some character into your characters.


Exactly! I barely see any featured stories with a good likeable MC. Like an independent, passionate about something and not just some pregnant high school quirky girl lmao


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I think part of the problem is these MCs are designed to function as self inserts - which can be done well with the right author, but not… like this.


They are just… there…