MCs that are.. in the wrong

Basically, I just read a part of a story where you’re supposed to feel sympathy for the MC… but I didn’t… I thought she was actually in the wrong?

MC used her step-mother’s expensive body lotion. Step-mother got mad. For some reason we’re supposed to be angry at the step-mother, even though the MC used someone else’s property without asking? Excuse me??

Anyways, uh. Have you guys seen anything like this? What’s your opinion on the topic?


I haven’t seen anything like this! I hate it! It’s SO wrong on so many levels!

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There’s actually a lot of stories where people don’t like making the MC own up for doing something wrong, which I absolutely hate because it does send a bad message. Honestly, there isn’t much you can do about it, but I kinda wish some authors would make MC do things that are wrong, own up to it and learn their lesson.


I read that story where the MC uses her stepmother’s body lotion, but her stepmother is actually a bitch tho.

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True, true. But still. I’m only on episode one. I see that as my first impression of the MC and it’s not a positive one.


What’s the story called, I believe I read it, Plus I agree, you wouldn’t like it if people touched your stuff.

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The Tutor, LL version.


Yep, I’ve read it before. But yeah I thought the MC was in the wrong.


i haven’t read that specific story but honestly stuff like that annoys me. the mc’s are supposed to be forgiven easily or not even at fault in the beginning when it was clearly their fault.


I know exactly which story you’re talking about :joy:
I honestly hate when stories have that trope of “MC can do no wrong” like she can just prance around being disrespectful and it’s passed off as “quirky” but as soon as someone else does the same all hell breaks loose.


Star golden MC…Untouchable angels

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I really hate when that happens, especially when they cheat on the LI and then the writer expects us to dislike the Love interest for getting upset about it.

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To make a story good have your mc mess up terribly then have the realize what a huge mess they made. It adds a better effect to the readers. — a better message