McStars Thwead OwO



Welcome to McStars!
If ya didn’t get it yet, this is like another version of McDonalds but Imma make it WAY better than McDonalds… Just u wait…


U might have to wait for your order but I will get back to you as soon as I can. Just drop your order below and tag me! :star2:


My menu

Burgers :hamburger:

  • Fillet O’ Fish ~ $12
  • Veg “n” Cheese McStars ~ $10


  • Fried Chicken ~ $8 ~ [A Fried Chicken/ A Bucket Of Fried Chicken ~ 6 pieces]
  • Chips ~ Packet ~ $1.50
  • Fries ~ $3


  • Latte/anything that is brown tbh :joy: ~ $4
  • Soda ~ $2

Just tell me which food you would like and I will give it to you!
I will draw the order out myself so it will take me some time to draw them if they aren’t already made yet.

I can add whatever food u want to the menu so feel free to give me some ideas!


I might hold an event once in a while so there will be discounts and maybe competitions and prizes.
Pls note that participating the events will let u earn money and winning the competitions will let u earn bigger and better prizes!

You can share the prize with someone, but only one person!
Or, u can take the whole prize u won! And of course, u must win the prize first.

If u choose to share your prize with someone, the prize will be split into half.

Now... For the first event, the title will be...

“McStars’ Opening Day”

How will this work?

There will be money, Tickets, Coupons, and more.
Everyone will start off by $250, and the money will be deducted after u receive your order. If there’s anything wrong, pls tell me!


  1. @SilverStar $428.40
  2. @AS007 $360
  3. @FinnTheGhost $260 ~ Two tickets
  4. @Franciscax1 $260 ~ 2 mini tickets
  5. @annamariez $260
  6. @CrazygirldY_dY_dY $260
  7. @Chesirekitten101 $260
  8. @k.w.episode $235
  9. @meadowh $160.40
  10. @WinterMoon05 $247

Thanks for stopping by!

Star Kingdommm 🌟
The Royal Cult 👑

“McStars’ Opening Day”

6/6 filled

  1. @Franciscax1
  2. @AS007
  3. @annamariez
  4. @CrazygirldY_dY_dY
  5. @FinnTheGhost
  6. @Chesirekitten101

#1 $100
#2 two tickets for any orders (and that means only 2 orders, not 1,000 lol)
#3 Two mini tickets (hint: collect 5 mini tickets to change it to a ticket!)

#1 AS007
#2 FinnTheGhost
#3 Franciscax1

The first 6 customers will get their order on their first visit to this shop for free but everyone else would have to pay for their orders.

Some of the first 6 customers might get a prize, since there will only be three prizes!
To make it fair, I will use discobot to determine who will be the lucky winners with the prizes!

The Royal Cult 👑

I want fried chicken (600 pieces).




Can I get a Veg n Cheese McStars?

Make it 7! LOL…

Here is your order


Ooof okay!


Do you have 600 of those?


I have unlimited onesss


Damn girl, you gon get rich LOL…


Yo can I please have a Veg “n” Cheese McStars?

Your Veg "n" Cheese order


I want 6000 happy meal burgers!


Yay! om nom nom nom


Can u send me a photo of how it looks like? Thanks


nvm ill get the fish burger




Let the girl live, LOL


599 more? Okay


You went overboard