Me And My Fiance

:OOO Me and @Natalie_c are official we are now together and no one will stop us, yes I dumped @Nutella but whatever… I’m over him he cheated on me with peanut butter! So we are together maybe we will get married and have kids…

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Ohh I wish you guys luck! :joy:

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HELL YEAH GURL! Nutella is just yummy and nothing else. :triumph:

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Lol :joy:

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Now excuse me while I read total drama fic on Wattpad… :smirk:


I’m more into mystery and horror… :wink:

I like that, but right now I’m more invested in the total drama island ships.

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Well good luck with that… :joy:

Forget it… she’s already broken up with me because this dude… I’m second best.

I’m so sorry gurl :cake:

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I’ll kick that guy so hard…

Can you be my girl instead? :ring:

I don’t mean to seem desperate.

Lmao, it’s okay if I want I can be your shoulder for crying… :sob: :joy:

I’m really sorry but I’m already married but I can be your friend who can listen to your problems.

forums fiance of course

on forums??

Yes @Drama_Queer!