Me and My Girlfriend!


Me and @Days are together!!! Thanks to @Sushi_lol she made a match made in heaven!!! :smiley:
I love you so damn much @Days. :kissing:

The matchmaking thread ❤

Aww thank you. Thanks to @Sushi_lol and @Sofia2 for working their magic :heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat:


Babe, we need to get married so soon, I love you too much.


Aw haha - let’s set a date and @RainbowCat is maid of honour (she is ma twinn :ok_hand:t5::ok_hand:t5:)


YASS! The weird thing is @Sushi_lol is actually my forum mum LOL :joy:


Aww wow!! Got mum’s blessing!!


Secretz is my dad so he’s coming too!


Ahh awesome - cannot wait to see the family :joy::heartbeat:


Aww my twin has a girlfriend, cute! Wish you two all the best! :grin:


Whoop whoop :upside_down_face: invite me for cakesssss​:yum:


Yas I live for cake and you can definitely come for cake :sunglasses::sunglasses:

Omg last wedding I went to we could not have cake. So sad :sob::sob:


Aww thank you twin :unicorn::unicorn:


Me too😭Noone gave cake at my first weding visit
Hope you will have lots of cakes😋


hey babe :wink:


I’ve never even been to a episode wedding lol now I’ll be maid of honor, nooooo I’m not panicking already :upside_down_face: :joy:


:grin:that’s very awesome role​:thinking: what they do​:upside_down_face:


Hey :heart_eyes::smile:


ThE siLenCe :shushing_face:




And the silence got broken after 13 minutes by days :upside_down_face: