Me and my secret twin sister

You and your sister have just moved. New school new people, but what happens when people discover that you have a twin sister! And that you play a game with them all this time. but what happens when they both fall for a boy, are they gonna tell the truth?

Hi! Do you mean for this to be a role play? How does this game work? :slight_smile:

Hi yeah they fool everyone. And do just that it seems they are 1 person but they are two. But do you also think they can keep it full.

Just some tips:
-Maybe write Role-Play on the top?
-Put like some sign-up sheets?
-Or if you are doing the everyone plays like 1 or 2 characters, you could make it sound more exciting or like a big title.

Not saying it’s bad, but just suggesting some ideas. You could prob look at some other threads to see how they set it out. (Like mine)


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