Hey there! Looking for some art for your stories? Well you’ve come to the right place!

I love helping people out when it comes to art, I just enjoy making it for people! So I thought, why not make a thread?

I make splashes, overlays, covers, and outlines AND ART SCENES TOO

Here are some examples!


Digital art

Digital art WITH photoshopped background





However, there are a few rules!
. You DON’T need to credit me, as long as you don’t claim my work as your own!
. Do not steal my art!
. Do not ask me to hurry up! Usually I will have your requests done in 10-20 minutes if I’m not busy!
. If you are requesting something that includes character(s) PLEASE send me CLEAR images of your characters in the animation AND outfit you want them to be in.
. If you want anything extra to add on your art, then please make it clear. (Eg tell me if you want your character to have a tattoo and if u do, please attach an image of what specific tattoo you want on the character.)
. If you have requested and I have given you your request, and then you wait a while and come back asking for a redo don’t because you would have waited too long and I might’ve already deleted your request because you have waited too long to ask again. (You can request new things, just not redo’s if you’ve waited too long to ask.)

thank you.

And one important message…

I DON’T TAKE REQUESTS WITH CHARACTER DETAILS. Please just send me clear images or I’ll have to ask you to resend your request with images. This is just so that I can get through as many requests as possible, and get yours back to you quickly to the best of my ability!

Thank you and feel free to request!

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Can I have a couple phone overlays?

Phone - this one or yours (preferably yours)
Wallpaper - for all the overlays

Can I have one of each of the overlays that You posted?

Additional overlays

A blank texting chat : Example
App library : Example



Hi, can I get a warning cover (Warning this story uses mature themes and language which may not be suitable for young readers!) ?


Sure! Here u go!

Tell me if u want me to change anything!


Sure! Do you have a preference on background or text style?


Is this ok? You can ask me to change anything! :blush:


Do you make profile pictures?


I can if u would like


Can you send me the details and if u would like a character in it can u send me a clear pic of them with the pose and outfit you want them in? I can also do an outline of them if u would prefer the character to be digitally drawn


Okay Will Do!


So can you do this character drawn but just her face? If you can’t that’s totally fine.

Skin: Netural 01
Eyebrows: Arched Thick Style - Dark Brown
Hair: Hair Flip - Dark Brown
Eyes: Round Medium - Aqua Blue
Face: Heart Soft
Nose: Defined Natural
Mouth: Full Heart Pouty - Peach Gloss


LOVE IT thx!!


Sure I can draw ur character! (Hopefully aha!) what background would u like?


Just Black Please!


I want a story cover
Limelight characters

There will be 2 characters in there

First: Rose

Skin Tone: Copper 00
Brow: Arched natural (BLACK)
Hair: Long Straight Loose Bang Sideswept Solid (ROSE GOLD)
Eyes: Round Downturned Wide (BLUE)
Face: Heart Soft
Nose: Defined Natural
Lips: Full Heart Pouty (PINK DEEP GLOSS)

Next is Rachael:

Skin Tone: Copper 00
Brow: Arched natural (BLACK)
Hair: Hair Flip (HOT PINK)
Eyes: Round Downturned Wide (BLUE)
Face: Heart Soft
Nose: Defined Natural
Lips: Full Heart Pouty (ROSE GLOSS)

The Story name is “THE TWIN SPIN”
I want it in the cover somewhere obviously.

Rose will wear something normal like fitness outfit
Rachael will wear something fancy with jewlry

Rose will act somewhat sad or annoyed
Rachael will act like she queen or fancy and loved

They will stand next to each other but facing opposite sides

The background can be anything that fits.

And when it’s done or have any question, can you mention my name?

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Is this ok? It’s my first time doing digital art for limelight :see_no_evil::blush:


@Scarmaddy Can you please send me pictures of your characters? I don’t take requests with just the details. I need images of your characters in their animations and in the outfit you want them to be in so that I can make it for you as quickly as possible.


Cover needed please asap!



Hii again, sure !!! :heart: THANKS !

So… i send my characters details … And the behavior…


yes i need this can you do one for me