So I would like to create a cover for my episode story Truth or Dare

I was thinking of having the main character look like she’s thinking with two thought bubbles over her and inside the first thought bubble is a truth question “What is your guilty pleasure?” and the 2nd thought bubble with the dare “Kiss the person to you left”

Right now I don’t have a specific color so whatever you think would look good,

Here are the details about my character (limelight) Body: Copper 07 Brow: Arched natural
Hair: straight medium color: black dark Eyes: deep set false lashes smokey eye color: brown black Face: Diamond Nose: round flare upturned Lips: full round pouty color: plum gloss She is wearing pumps closed round tan, rising star earrings metal gold, cowel neck halter silk red deep, plate gold necklace, diamond cluster bracelet ruby

Please let me know if you need any other details about the character…I believe I got everything you need but I could be mistaken, ’

Also I’d like a “splash” that says “This story uses sound effects so please turn up your volume for best experience!”
I’d like another with the “Warning this story contains mature themes and strong language”
Those can just be general as I will also use them if I create future stories

Now for the background

I’ve attached a few pictures that I’d like the background if you can create them to mimic I found the pictures online but I don’t believe I will be able to use them for my story because of copyrighting so I just want to try to recreate them

  1. Tattoo parlor also if you can create a tattoo gun as an overlay that would be awesome
  2. Gazebo wedding scene if you can create a few different wedding bouquets as overlays that would be awesome
  3. I’d like to make a couple extension backgrounds to the Karaoke rooftop background on episodes
    I’ve sent photos of a pool table scene, and a pool if you can match them to appear like they are an extension of the rooftop background that would be great.

vegas_tattoo_2_1920x1136_FotoSketcher1_1920x1136.jpg1920x1136 592 KB

Beer-Park-10 vegas.jpg1500x1103 329 KB

(this scene should be at night)

gazebo-chapel-viva-las-vegas-weddings-5_1920x1136_FotoSketcher.jpg1920x1136 641 KB

download (this as an overlay if possible or something similar)
download (overlay)
download (overlay)
I sent two photo of a rooftop pool anything similar will do


If you can please add some people to the pool scene that appear to be in the water

Thank you so much for offering to help
Please let me know if you need any more details or if there’s anything you can’t or won’t be able to do, As I’m not sure of what goes into creating a background so I 100% understand if I’ve asked something that you cannot do


thank you so much


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Add or Remove …




the pool scene is also at night as well as the wedding background

thanks so much


I don’t think I’ll be able to make a night one sorry


Wow that’s a lot of stuff… can we split it into splashes, covers, overlays and THEN backgrounds?

So tell me what you want for the splashes just briefly, I’ll make them, then you tell me the next thing you need? Rather than piling it all together


What do you mean by leaning on something?


Here you go

It may take longer for the “bonus” request so I’ll send it separately later

Blush%20Light image image image


Story name - Bad Girlfriend

so here some reference images but u can also make by ur own!

and plzz if u can make both of their outfit sexy
but boy a lil bit casual and nerdy !


Could u give me images of your female character doing flirt_wink_pose or just a winking animation of some sort

And an image of your male character in a smoking animation ?


I’d like a “splash” that says “This story uses sound effects so please turn up your volume for best experience!”

I’d like another with the “Warning this story contains mature themes and strong language”

Those can just be general (no particular color or theme) as I will also use them if I create future stories


Ill have them for you soon

Do you have any idea what colours or font or extra details? Even if you don’t have a theme, you’ll still want it to look decorated right?


Hello can you make for me a small cover?:blush:i love your works​:star_struck:


Thank youuu


Sure do you have the details


What is the story title : Stay A Little Longer
What is the author name : Vividha

ti4h.png304x518 58.3 KB

eflje'lf.png312x550 54.7 KB


Can you make them walking like this:

Thanks soo much


I have to decline your request, sorry


As if it were leaning on a wall or a bench. Like someone was sitting and had it next to them.




hey it okay
I just want to make it clear that
When I requested at the other place I wasn’t getting an answer for whether they would do it.
But Thanks anyway :slight_smile:


Uh, ok. Sorry I couldn’t make it I just don’t want to pile up requests just yet


Hey there is my characters. This is mc

I wanted that girl keep it that dog in hand


And backraound is