Meadow’s ART EMPORIUM 💕 Grand Re-Opening! <3



I understand and no problem at all :slight_smile:


Awesome :clap:


Are you still part of Episode Bomb Family?


I was getting way too many notifications from the chats clogging up my stuff. I’m happy to do requests but if we’re gonna go through chats in a matter of minutes it’s not worth being on them coz I can’t keep up… (seriously I was offline for one day and you went through 6 chats in ONE DAY)

So I can do requests, just please don’t add me to the groups coz they spam me :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


:rofl: Okay then.


Yaeh true dat
I wasnt online for 1 day and 4 chats were already passed the limits


:kissing_heart::kissing_heart: Tianaaaa

Ps have you done the request on the new ED chat ?


Not yet
Can you cover for me I have no time

#850 I saw your thread and wanted to help out! This is the result! You don’t have to use it, I wanted to try it out. But if you do use it can you credit me as “@meadowh on the forums”



Good morning :kissing_heart:


I finished your first splash! @Days


OMG THENKKKK YOU! This is wonderful!!!


No problem :joy::two_hearts:


Derek highkey loves Mindy and it shines through here thank youu!


No problem! Looking forward to seeing my splashes in your story again!

Starting the second splash now… what episode will these splashes be in?


So I am changing up my splashes every 5 episodes to exhibit the talent of the users on the forum and so yours & a bunch of new splashes will be from episodes 5 to 10. So I will go back to edit Chapter 5 to add all these new BGs!!!


That’s so cool! Remember to keep coming back to me! I’d love to make you some special art scenes, too :grin:


Ooh I have another story that is very art based so I’ll hit you up soon about that!!


Amazing! :heart_eyes:


Here’s your second splash @Days