Meadow's splash, cover, overlay and background thread!


Hey everyone! I love making covers etc for my story, but whenever I come across threads where people are asking for different types of edits, I love to help out! So now I want to make a thread myself!

However, there are some rules:

. Please make it clear what you want.
. Please send me images of characters in their specific animations if you want them in the edit.
. Please don’t harass me, I WILL make your edit. And I won’t take a long time, I promise!
. Please be really specific if you want an overlay, background or cover edit.
. Please be aware that I don’t use digital art, I use photoshop!
. You can request your edit here and I’ll post it here.
. You don’t need to credit me, but please don’t say that you made the edits if they’re actually mine!

If you want a background edit, send me a pic of the background and I’ll edit the stuff you want, but be specific!

If you want an overlay, you don’t need to send me a pic, just be specific in what you want an overlay of!

If you want a cover, I’ll NEED you to send me the characters that you want me to use and they have to be in the animation you want. You can send me a pic of the background, but you don’t have to it’s only if you want a specific one. You’ll also need to tell me the name of the story and who it’s by (your episode user name) and send me a pic of what style text you want etc

If you want a splash (like one about the story using sound or mature themes) tell me how you want it decorated, what you want on it (if it’s characters please send me pics of them) or if you want something else (eg. Pink background with text saying “please be aware this story uses sound” and a pair of blue headphones in the middle)

Here are some examples of edits I’ve done:

If you are unsure about anything, let me know via PM but yeah, feel free to request!


Your art is amazing :wink: :two_hearts::two_hearts:


Thanks! :two_hearts::two_hearts:


Can you do a splash and a cover for me please ill dm u the details on instagram its ff.episode.edits


Can you pm me on the forums?




Or you can send me your request here, I don’t mind. But I don’t have an episode Instagram so I won’t be using Instagram to deal with requests




bumping :two_hearts: