Mean girl, bad boy, and basic/new girl names?

… I know how this sounds! Trust me on this. I have an idea, and I’m gonna capitalize on it while I’m still inspired. So just - any names that sounds stereotypical of a mean girl, bad boy, or new girl/basic girl. Thanks!


bad boy is always named like Axel or somethin

Amber is always the mean girl (stripper) name
Jace for a bad boy


yasss jace

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For new girls something like Allissa Olivia or Emma, just basic Western names.

And for badboys the most popular ‘Axel’ then Jax or Ryder (if you’re edgy)

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Emma for sure

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Mean girls - Jessica, Vanessa, Clarrisa, anything big.
Bad boys- Jax, Axel, Ryder, so cliche everyone’s posted it
Basic- Emma, Marie, Katie, Casey

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bad boys ? Will Smith


aw thats hot


Mean girl: Mia, Orla, Kara, gabby
Bad boy: Jacob, Cameron, lee, Charlie, Alec
Basic: Sophie, Hannah, Katie, Ellie, Emma

That’s hot

Bad Boys: Ace,Dante and Alex.
Mean girl: STEPHANIE
Basic: Emily,Sofia and Chloe.

Mean Girl: Taylor, Stephanie, Tiffany, Kaitlyn

Bad Boy: Brody, Axel, Jace, Liam, or Ryder
Mean Girl: Regina, Mackenzie, Jessica, Amanda, or Ashley
Basic Girl: Kylie, Lily, Emily, Taylor, or Alexis