Mean Girls is great and all


So it’s against the rules to make Fanfiction, but the front page of the episode app is full of Fanfiction? Not sure I understand that, but alright.

Anyway, I saw Mean Girls and felt like we could really use a Heathers episode? Heathers is ICONIC and was a great movie as well? I don’t know, I just feel like it has potential to be an Episode story. Putting that out there because it’s against the guidelines for me to do it myself; hopefully someone at Episode working on their next celebrity dating sim sees this.


Well I think Episode gets a licence and signs with the people who made the movie so they can use it as a story.


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As much as I’d love to see a Heathers story here on episode, It’s extremely unlikely that it would happen.
The content is way too mature for Episode’s standards, and if they were to adapt it, the whole message would be ruined (the tv show is already doing that job). So I seriously hope it never happens.


Episode has LEGAL contracts with the studios for those stories/movies/shows. They are not fanfiction.


They have legal contracts with the people who own the rights to Mean Girls etc., but since we don’t, they’re just trying to prevent their asses from getting sued😂


Mean Girls was far from great​:sob::sob:



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