Mean girls, Pitch perfect and other Hollywood stories is gone

I havent seen anyone els talk about this, but these stories are gone,


What?! I could’ve sworn I previously saw Mean Girls and Pretty Little Liars a while ago. What happened to them? (I already saw Pitch Perfect gone)


ANNND there goes the golden era of their actual good feature stories :roll_eyes: the only ones worth reading


I Think the Cameron Dallas, hayes and Dolan twins is gone too.

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No way! Even the Demi Lovato series is gone! What is happening?! :frowning:


oH MY GOD YOU’RE LYING NOOOOO :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: Those were the only good stories out there on featured. Mean Girls was my first episode story. I rather have mean girls, pretty little liars, demi Lovato, pitch perfect featured stories then the stories that are currently on featured.


Demi is still there, but not all of it.

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I wish, check Hollywood shelf on the app only Demi is still there, and not all of them is.

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Check the Episode Official profile, some stories are still there but not all of them.

Your right some are,

The ones that look to be missing are the rest of the Mean Girls series, Pitch Perfect and some others that I don’t remember

I wonder why they’re being removed. Is is a copyright thing?


Dont know

I’m not 100% correct (this is just a theory) but they probably deleted it because those stories were really old and the people the stories were with (like Cameron Dallas, mean girls, pitch perfect, pretty little liars) those franchises/movies/series ended a while ago so it isn’t relevant or popular anymore so they probably got rid of the stories. Both legal teams (episode and any franchise) has to come with an agreement on what the story can include and how long the stories can be posted so the contracts might have ran out as well.

They could also just be getting rid of that style of episode stories and only have classic, ink, and limelight.

Again this is just a opinion but I think the first one would definitely make the most sense and it’s the most logical reason

@Sydney_H do you know why?


Even one of my favourite of all times since it was one of the first stories I read :sweat_smile:
RIP Troublemaker


Dolan twins and Demi are only ones I see

Wait I found Pretty Little Liars

I got so scared that these stories are gone, so I immediately went to the app to check them
Mine are still there (I’m rereading PLL for the thousandth time, haha)

Hope they will be in the app longer, I love them!
My theory is that Episode has run out of contract with the companies representing the interests of the original script, so they may be phased out from the application.
Also, now the Episode is being translated into different languages, which, perhaps, was not specified in the contracts, and this is another reason to remove the stories from the application.
But all these are just my guesses, I can’t say anything for sure :slightly_frowning_face:


You how Friends left Netflix US? That’s basically what happened. WarnerBros asked Episode if they wanted to renew the license their IPs, it looks like Episode refused and because of that, these stories had to leave.