Mean girls Soroity Rush bug


In the 19th chapter, I paid 57 gems and went to the party in Chicago. After talking for a bit, my character starts dancing with Cady. It just stay there on an endless loop.
I tired waiting two minutes, clicking in case there was something I had to click but couldn’t see. Nothing. Now I’m stuck and it’s frustrating as I’ve spent all these gems to get to this position.
Here’s the screenshot:


Have you tried exiting the story then going back? Sometimes it is just the coding that is a bit glitchy


Yes. Several times


That happened when I was reading a Demi Lovato story (in the wedding scene, they were stuck in an endless loop of kissing. It was really awkward) I just left for like a week and came back and it was fixed. How long has it been like that?

If it doesn’t fix, you can try to submit a ticket here.


3 days