Meanest Characters? 🤣 (Favourite Mean Character)

You know what let me just put one of the characters in my story because I literally forgot what title of this episode story was with the b*tchiest character that that I loved so much.

I’ll just put Valerie Tuliao (699: The Series) as an example.

This character was actually based off a friend of mine who was misunderstood. She was so b*tchy but I knew there was kindness in her.

UPDATE: wait I remembered, it’s the lead boys twin sister from Upside Down on Episode.
Who’s your favourite mean girl/boy?


Two that I remember were =

Ivy & Bridget = From Tee’s story = Reason To Breathe

These two were more irritating than mean though (:


The MC Bella in Dirty Sassy Teenagers

All three MCs in Dumb Blondes (I forgot the author’s name, it’s on Episode btw)


Who’s the author of Tee’s story? I can’t find it on the app

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The story = Reason To Breathe
Author = @(Mug Emoji)Tee(Mug Emoji)

This author has also written ‘Deadly Lies’ (:



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DUMB BLONDES IS HILARIOUS. (Chelsea, Tessa, Lily.)


OMG YES I love that story! I can’t wait for more episodes! I wish the author has Instagram though. :worried:

Gigi from Mystery on Hanging Hill Lane. (Good story)

She can be mean at times but she’s hilarious :joy::joy: